Why You Need Renters Insurance

We know that everyone is not a homeowner. There are many renters, and it is essential that if you rent that you are covered in the event that anything happens to your apartment unit. Today’s blog post will touch on some of the many reasons that an individual should purchase and have a solid renters insurance policy. Read up and enjoy!

Protect Your Belongings

Many people are aware of insurance that your landlord may have. The catch is that this type of insurance is solely meant to protect the landlord’s property and possessions, and not yours. This is why having your own renters insurance policy is critical. Renters insurance is in place to cover the following:

  • Your possessions such as electronics, computers, furniture, and other valuable items in the event that they are damaged
  • Covers you if you are ever found legally liable for something such as an injury or property damage. This would cover you if a friend or family member is hurt while at your apartment.
  • If an individual is injured in an accident at your apartment, you will be covered and not personally have to pay for medical expenses.

Fills The Gap Left By Other Insurance

Renters insurance is also very useful to fill the gap left by something such as your auto insurance. If your car is broken into and your laptop is stolen, having renters insurance will ensure that your laptop will be covered and that you won’t have to pay out of pocket to get a new one! With the rise in car theft, it is a great idea to supplement things by getting renters insurance.

These are just a few reasons that it makes a lot of sense to get a reasonably priced, and thorough renters insurance policy. At All-Lines Insurance, we pride ourselves on working with individuals to find just the right renters insurance policy. Let us help you to find the coverage that works best, to ensure that you are taken care of should unforeseen events arise!

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