Specialty insurance is standard at All Lines Insurance Agency

All Lines Insurance Agency is an experienced, general lines insurance agency offering personal and commercial coverage. In business since 1979 and based in Jacksonville, Florida, we are an Acrisure Agency Partner with access to a multitude of policies for your needs paired with a dedicated, local team.

Grow and protect assets with our personalized insurance and risk management services

As an Acrisure Agency Partner, All Lines Insurance Agency is a part of a national network of hand-selected, independent agencies. This network allows us to offer a wide selection of policies and increased access to products, consulting services, and carriers.

We help a variety of industries

All Lines Insurance Agency provides a broad array of innovative insurance solutions for a diverse group of clients. Our goal is to help you develop strategies to manage risk and structure efficient programs which maximize financial performance.

We help people and businesses thrive in the opportunities they pursue

We are more than just an insurance broker and consulting firm. All Lines Insurance Agency is made up of a team of forward-thinking and experienced people who care about our clients and love taking on unique challenges to help solve problems.

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Benefits Of Owning An RV

Have you ever considered owning an RV? Traveling the country can take many forms, and having your own mobile home on wheels is something many people decide is a good idea. Our blog post this month will touch on some of the benefits of owning an RV, and why you should consider it. One benefit […]

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Hurricane Irma Prep: What You Need To Know

The last few weeks and months have been very tumultuous on the weather front! Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people who have lost everything in Texas. It’s been great to see so many individuals step up and provide donations to those in need. Beyond the hurricane in Texas, there is […]

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Learn About Florida Car Insurance

We sincerely hope that you are having a great month of August thus far! Things are busy as ever here at All Lines Insurance. The blog post this month will touch on some of the car insurance laws that are specific to the state of Florida. We pride ourselves on keeping your current and prospective […]

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